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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Critical Care Center at Aayushman Hospital Cares for Patients with a wide variety of Serious medical illnesses from pneumonia to lung failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome to more life-threatening injuries.

Each ICU in Aayushman hospital has a wide range of advanced technologies to ensure the survival of patients who are suffering from critical illness.

Aayushman Intensive Care

The goal of the staff in the Aayushman Hospital Intensive Care Unit or Critical Care Unit is to provide comprehensive and utmost care to the critically ill patients on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.

Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit provides care to patients throughout the life span

Young to Older Adults


Intermediate Care


Aayushman is known as Best ICU Care Hospital in Vizag because of our ICU Care and Critical Care Unit Services. The ICU/ Critical Care Unit provides medical care to diverse patient populations such as general surgical, trauma, neuro, neurosurgical, medical respiratory, lung problems, Intermediate Level and other patients who need specialized nursing care and services.

Aayushman Hospital Critical Care Expertise

The Aayushman hospital is one of the best ICU care hospital in Vizag. We're popularly known for our Best critical care services throughout Vizag. At, Aayushman ICU Care, we support Instability airway or respiratory compromise with Ventilator support and other organ dysfunction syndrome.

Aayushman hospital has highly qualified media experts on Critical Care Units to take care of patients. We also intensively monitor patients in their crucial hours, such as after surgery, or patients who are unstable to transfer less intensive units due to their critical illness are placed in our intensive care units.

Our Specialist doctors are available round the clock in Critical Care Management, and they are well supported by an efficient team of nurses and paramedical staff for assistance. All the ICUs are equipped with advanced monitoring systems, ventilators, beds, and dialysis to help patients at their severe illness time.

Best Features of Aayushman Intensive Care

Our Aayushman hospital is the best intensive care unit in Vizag that treats patients suffering from serious medical illness, and whose lives are threatened by the failure of organs.

Continuous Monitoring

Our ICU Provides 24/7 Care and Continuous monitoring with Advanced technology, including Monitoring, Respiratory Care, Ventilator, and other advanced equipment to assist doctors with patient recovery.

Specialists Team

A skilled group of physicians who specialize in treating critically ill patients is available round the clock to cure patients in the ICU Unit. We're also having a team of internal medicine hospitalists and para medical staff to assist patients in the ICU unit. This one of the main reasons why Aayushman is called as "Best ICU Care Unit in India."

Highly Trained Nursing Staff

Aayushman hospital has professional nursing staff who has years of critical care experience. Many Crucial care nurses work to ensure that ICU patients receive close attention and monitoring service.

Clinical Team with Best ICU Management

Aayushman ICU Management has been the best in the country. Our team of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff stick to strict rules to take care of the patient. We ensure the best of care and outcomes from the Critically ill Management team.

If you or your loved one become critically ill, Aayushman hospital has the professionals to treat you with the utmost care.

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