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Paralysis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Have you been looking for the best paralysis treatment centre for your loved one? Are you afraid that fame health centres may risk the well-being of the patient? You should head towards Aayushman Hospital, the best health centre for effective treatment of paralysis without any delay. We have highly experienced, top-notch paralysis treatment doctors who deliver their best every single time.


What is Paralysis?

When a person starts experiencing loss of muscle functioning in his/her body, the condition is called paralysis. The health condition can be temporary as well as permanent at times. Mostly, this health condition affects the limbs. The worst part is that complete and partial paralysis can affect you anytime, without any warning sign. The treatment for paralysis depends on the underlying cause of the health condition. Our best doctors make sure that the lifestyle of our paralysis patients does not get altered or affected because of the treatment procedure drastically.

Types of Paralysis

There are different types of paralysis that can affect any individual, such as vocal cord paralysis, facial paralysis, sleep paralysis, half body paralysis and so on. But these terms are used by a layman. Professionally, the various paralysis types are:



When an individual loses control over one side of his body, we call it as Hemiplegia. This condition affects regions like one leg, one arm and the torso. The paralysis is caused by an injury in the left or right side of the brain or spinal injury. Our doctors offer premium treatment in these cases.

Locked-in Syndrome

Locked-in Syndrome

In this condition, the patient will not be able to have control over any part of his body, which lies beyond his eyes. This severe paralysis condition happens because of cancer, brain injury or stroke.



This is the paralysis that affects anyone limb of an individual. Generally, this happens because of Cerebral Palsy.



This severe health condition affects all the four limbs of the patient.



Paraplegia impacts the muscles that lie underneath your waist. The main cause of this health condition is the spinal cord or brain of a person. Sometimes, an allergic reaction, serious injuries and side effects of seizure can also lead to Paraplegia. Our doctors use the best techniques for CT scans, MRI, blood tests, etc., to diagnose the form of Paraplegia.

Conditions That Cause Paralysis

Following are the various causes of paralysis attack:

  • Brain Injury
  • Lyme Disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke
  • Post-folio syndrome
  • Brain tumours
  • Spinal tumours
Symptoms of Paralysis

Symptoms of Paralysis

The attack can happen all of a sudden. Some of the most common paralysis attack symptoms are loss of ability to walk, loss of sensation in legs and arms, reduced muscular function, etc.


Paralysis can be cured, but this is not always true. Some paralysis conditions can lead to severe complications. The patient can experience depression, chest pains, high blood pressure and so on. Fertility and sex life can get affected, as well.


There are different types of paralysis treatment available:

Mobility Treatment


Increased mobility using manual and electric wheelchairs can help in healing paralysis.

Paralysis Medication


Medications help in curing spinal and brain surgeries, which in turn, reduces the chances of paralysis attacks.

Exercise and Physiotherapy

Exercise and Physiotherapy

Patients suffering from severe paralysis can gain relief by indulging in regular exercise and physiotherapy. Patients may start experiencing sensations in their body parts after prolonged physiotherapy sessions.



Those who are suffering from locked-in syndrome should make the best use of specially adapted computers so that they can enhance their present state of communication. The life of quadriplegia patients can be sorted by using voice-command-based systems.

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